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Best of AM 1290 " Minds That Matter" Podcasts

   Between 2011 and 2014 MINDS THAT MATTER broadcast over 152 radio interviews on AM 1290 Santa Barbara with Writers, Artists, College Presidents, Middle East Scholars, Honors Students, Non-Profit Foundation Leaders, and World Visionaries in Virtual Reality, Politics, Art and Science It was my pleasure to host all of these shows and add to my life of ideas. I'd like to share these interviews with you here on my blog,  The Meddlesome Priest.  Each week I will post a link to one of our top 50 shows for your entertainment, and enlightenment. Hopefully, we can solicit your commentary and provoke your ideas you can share with the rest of us.  We begin with my September 8, 21010 interview of Dr. Gayle Beebe, President of Westmont College in Montecito, California, one of the top 100 small Liberal Arts College in the United States. Our topic:   Making of the Liberal Arts Mind Click to Enjoy: Dr. Gayle Beebe interview by Mark McIntire Website: