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Life After The Penis

What if Bernie or AOC  or some other Demo-Commie becomes President?  Well,  then we'll have to abolish the penis, and eat babies, that's what.    “Abolish the penis” , as a global social justice movement, began in early  2016 at the University of Oregon. By the year 2019 no human penis could be found anywhere in the world. It was inevitable. After the success of the   ‘abolish whiteness’ social justice campaign in 2016 culminating with the election of President Bernie Sanders, c0-president Elizabeth Warren, and junior president Alexandra Ocasio Cortez ‘whiteness’ was officially abolished by his first Executive Order. And studies have shown that 'whiteness' comes right out of the penis. So.  The next logical step was to ‘abolish the penis ’. Transgender University of Oregon students, wanted an MLK famous quote removed from a wall in the student union they considered 'transphobic'. This quote has been displayed at the Erb Memorial Union since 1985.