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Trojan Horses of Islam

Angela Merkel, the face that sunk a thousand ships, is set to play Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships in the new movie;  TROJAN HORSES OF ISLAM  from an original short story, THIS IS FOR ALLAH  by Osama Bin Laden.    Directed by former president, Barack Obama, with an original screenplay by former Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. This George Soros production has locations set in London, Syria, Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino, California. Lavish sound stages are being built in Washington D.C. and Podunk, Arkansas for Hillary Clinton’s close-ups for her cameo in the flick. confirmed that cameras will roll this June in the long awaited, blockbuster Bernie Sanders/Coen Brothers co-production with a trillion dollar Soros budget. 2016 presidential candidate, and now the film's co-producer, Bernie Sanders, will donate any profits to Tommy’s Shoes so that Syrian children will have proper footwear when their bodies are blown to bloody bits by Muslim su