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Mea Culpa!

Memories can only be harvested from the dead. Plato would have loved her. “Miss Perception” was an equal opportunity stripper. She displayed her wares nightly at the Old Howard Theater in the Scollay Square section in rancid Boston long before the ‘Big Dig’ ran over budget. Eddie got us seats next to JFK one Friday night. Jack previewed what Bill Clinton could do with a cigar. We were 15. Eddie’s dad was in the mafia. Jack was only a Congressman at the time. But, he had big ideas.  Maybe. She descended from the ceiling riding a white baby grand piano. To the strains of ‘The Stripper’ from the David Rose orchestra, she seductively masked her intimate parts with skillful twirls of a long, pink feather boa.  What a sight! Pure Platonic essence of politically correct stripper. She was the first Buddhist Eskimo in an iron- lung to strip for JFK. Mea culpa! Lewd, shouting, cat-calls, lascivious whistling from drunks and trolls down front was only outdone by the stench of s