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Truth: "Get Thee To A Nut House!"

" Mark, if life is driving you insane, don't get mad...get even!" -- My Grandfather The only thing that keeps me from going insane is my natural affinity for madness. Case on point, how do you stitch together seemingly disparate brute facts such as; a T-boning of your 1972 Porsche 914-6 mid-engine 2 seat roadster, a one-ton San Francisco Newspaper delivery truck, a CHP officer on scene with weapon drawn, two injured ‘exotic dancer’ friends, a legendary San Francisco attorney who pioneered psychic pleadings in tort cases (he also had a thing for exotic dancers) and a psychiatrist named Dr. Lipshitz? Madness, that’s how, madness! The year was 1975. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest had just been released. More than one casting director commented that my acting persona and a few of my facial gestures closely resembled Jack Nicholson. Game on. On a clear day, you can see all the way downtown as you glide through carefully timed traffic lights running into the city of