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Falling Angels

Angels fall out of the sky all the time. One was a Russian bride named Lena Ova. Guess she leaned too far. Just because her wings were fake doesn’t mean she wasn’t a real angel. Oh, you think it’s funny? If you want God to laugh, then tell Him of your plans. You ask why would God make fun of us? What else has He got to do? He built derision into the design of the universe. Otherwise He’d get bored. However perfect, it has to be boring just loving yourself. Even fourteen-year-old boys give that handy-craft up rather quickly. So, make sure rednecks can’t wash the blood off their pickups. Make sure Mexicans park their cars on the lawn. And don’t let Orientals know how to drive. Whatever you do if you’re God, give Africans racist glasses since 'race' doesn’t even exist in human biology. These things keep the universe laughing. Splat! There goes another angel falling from the sky. Actually, what you do with the shotgun I give you for your Christmas is none of my busines