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Santa Barbara City College Commits Slow Suicide

Commits Slow Suicide Former professor Celeste Barber heckled into tears defending The Pledge at SBCC meeting 1-24-2019 A college, any college, is procreated, nourished, and sustained by one principle; college is a beacon and community resource for the contentious, open life-of-ideas, the creative exchange of ideas, and the clash of opposing, even unpopular ideas, for the development of individual student’s character as informed members of the larger society. A college, any college, is not a factory producing cogs in some mindless collective machine. Nor is a college, any college, a secular monastery where an elite sacerdotal caste fantasizes rules and regulations for living to be imposed on the general society that funds their cloister. A college, any college, is not a place where the popular philosophy of a previous generation becomes legislative policy mandates for the present generation. When a college, any co