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Wages of War: Abortion

Abortion, Slavery, Poverty, Avarice A New Four-Part Series Leading to 2020 A Year Without War Part One: Abortion “ Hey, Give Me Back My Sperm ! ” Abortion makes everyone squeamish. Everything about it is creepy and weird. To abort means to; terminate, end, halt, stop, ax, arrest, cancel, scrap, call off, rescind, revoke, scrub, kill. The opposite means to keep and continue . Even when abortion has nothing to do with the almost-born, it connotes fear, and impending doom as in an aborted take-off or landing of a plane. It’s unpleasant now to even hear the word. It has become the ‘A’-word of contemporary morality. In its place are euphemistic phrases such as; protecting a woman’s reproductive health and choice.  But there are deeper levels of horror. At the epicenter of the current debate over aborting human fetuses is the very meaning ‘human’.  Like so many other social morality debates, there are sharply divided camps over this nomenclature. The pro-abortio