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Truth: Plague of Dunces

When Dunces Teach Dunces: American institutions of public higher education should be shut down immediately. They should not re-open until they can do their job; teaching our young 'how' to think, and not 'what' to think. Two radically opposed views on objective truth are struggling for control of American minds in public higher education. Both are defective. One view, championed by Professor Howard Zinn, proposes not only that objective truth is impossible, but that is would be undesirable even if it were possible. The opposing view, championed by Allan Bloom, claims that diversity of opinion does not entail the lack of objective truth. On the contrary, error points to objective truth by enlightened recognition. The stakes are high. What passes for public higher education in America is not working and has no prospect of ever working due to an inherent flaw. It fails to teach students how to learn on their own. American public higher education is both econom