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Does The American Dream Exist?

Last evening, the Meddlesome Priest was invited to debate the question: “Does the American Dream Exist?”  Upon arrival his 15 minutes allotted time was inexplicably chopped to 10 minutes, and the other members of his affirmative team were batting for the other side. In reality, the debate event was a Bernie Sanders rally.  But it was all in good fun. And a good time was had by all. Here are my complete prepared remarks which I was not allowed to finish. Let them be written here for posterity. ____________________ Does the American Dream Exist? Debate: November 4, 2015 Santa Barbara City College Room PS-101, 5:30 pm For the affirmative: Professor Mark McIntire Prepared remarks: Mr. Chairman: Well. I’m delighted to defend the proposition ‘The American Dream Exists’. My argument is as un-nuanced as it is unapologetic. Tonight I get to practice what I preach in my Phil-111 course Critical Thinking and Writing course (good seats are still available if you reg