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Anno Trumpi, Year One

     Keep saying outrageous things into cameras and microphones, and they will follow you. Keep doing that. Seventeen months later, you’re elected President of the United States. Welcome to  Anno Trumpi, Year 1 . Say more outrageous things then do reasonable things. Keep everyone guessing. Keep everyone upended. Upending traditions of millennia ushers in a new millennium itself. Cleaving the ages into eras of human existence is the work of potentates. Only a force or a movement can command epochs. Jesus Christ drew a line in history between, BC, and after, AD. Atheist academics ( a redundancy now) tried and failed to create CE, the Common Era. That flopped. No personality. Calendars are inspired by people with gravitas, not trips around the Sun. Zoroaster, Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ, Pope St Gregory the Great, and now…Donald J. Trump the Practical, not a Conservative, not a Liberal, not even a Republican. He tires not. He spares not. He’s no spare tire. He’s a force. He’s a move