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Death of the Family

“The family is the association established by nature for the supply of man's everyday wants.” --- Aristotle Yeah, the family is dead. It died of a broken heart on hearing that SCOTUS granted the divorce between marriage and procreation. The divorce was demanded by femmafia capos and the gaystapo thugs. Babies will be made in artificial wombs soon. The basic unit of society has gone the way of the Dodos. Stupid birds didn’t read the memo. When humans with guns showed up…game over. But are we any different than the Dodo? Physical human extinction-level events increase with our increase in knowledge about our measurable universe. But is it probable for a whole species to choose extinction and commit species suicide? Going extinct like the Dodo bird is one thing. A flightless, 40-pound bird with no natural predators, the poor thing had to wait for the arrival of humans to vanish from the planet. But for a species to vanish by choice would require decisions by otherwise r