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An American Amnesia and Obama's Globe

Two Books by Bruce Herschensohn             “If all Americans were like you, America certainly would not perish.”                                     --- Alexander Solzhenitsyn As recent events in the Middle East amply demonstrate, America is not diplomatically, militarily, or morally capable of dealing with the worst threat to world peace since the Cuba missile crisis of the early 1960’s. Forty-seven U.S Senators are accused of meddling in President Obama’s Iran foreign policy. The President himself is accused of doing all he could to unsuccessfully overthrow Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during last week’s election . Snubs and counter-snubs have replaced diplomacy and political consensus. Quite apart from who’s right and who’s wrong, there is no unity of principle or action in  today’s American foreign policy. In and of itself, that puts our globe at peril in the immediate future. So, to gain some clarity and insight, THE MEDDLESOME PRIEST went to lunch t