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A Rockefeller Lost to Cannibals?

Mark McIntire Film Review: The Search for Michael Rockefeller What happens when you craft a film about a rich and sensitive young lad from an iconic American political family who disappears from the planet and it’s likely he was stabbed, beheaded and then ritually eaten by cannibals in 1968?  Better still, unlike any vampire flick, this one is true? Netflix just released such a documentary film, The Search for Michael Rockefeller, a Fraser C. Heston film from his independent studio Agamemnon Films. If you’re a fan of real unsolved mysteries as I am, then ROCKEFELLER is for you. I’ve watched it three times on NETFLIX and still cannot make up my mind about what actually happened to former Vice-President and Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s youngest boy, Michael. Heston’s film doesn’t solve the mystery. It meticulously and cleverly narrates the mystery letting you be the judge of the evidence. ROCKEFELLER is a powerful mystery with riveting twists and a dazzling WTF ending.