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A Bernie Sanders Christmas Poem (After the last debate with Hillary and that other guy, Bernie sent me this poem and asked me to share it with all of you who support his campaign for president. I’m pleased to do so. It’s composed entirely of questions for good reason.   Merry Christmas!) Lemmie Ask Yah..! By The Bern Do you feel the Bern while I burn you? Do you follow me because you hate hate? Are you afraid that you hate too? Didn’t you know that this is your fate? Did you forget your head is full of sod? Did your mother leave your for another man? Did your priest take away your God? Did you think I was your superman? Why are you so stupid? Is it your choice? Are you even lucid? When did you lose your voice? Is there free food? Is there free sex? Are you that lonely dude? Are you cursed by a hex? Who will pay for your prison? Are you up for husky boyfriends? Will you cry during your invasion? Will your fantasies b