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Defund Marxist Postmodern Government Schools

  Defunding Marxist Government  Schools THE PROBLEM:  Many wonder why #DefundMarsistGovernementSchools  has gained wide public and political traction. Here's why. Since 1972 our tax-funded public schools, K - University, gradually decayed into indoctrination centers run by postmodern nihilists, i.e. those who claim that there is nothing more to human existence except lust for power, word games, and our feelings. That’s it. That's all there is. Nothing more, and certainly nothing transcendent. Now, you might ask; If 'nihilism' is true, then why isn’t it nothing like everything else? If it's true, then it must be false and vice-versa, if false, then true. Postmodernists hope you’ll never notice their core  self-contradiction.  Moreover, if there’s no truth, then we ought not to believe their claims. Or, if you do throw logical contradiction at their core claims, they will retort that ‘logical contradiction’ is just another word game.  Postmoderni