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Reality: We're Entitled To Nothing !

“ You’re entitled to nothing. Let me repeat that.  You're  entitled to nothing.”   --- President Frank Underwood, Season 3, Chapter 28, House of Cards on Netflix  Disagreement rages over the American ideal of ‘equal opportunity’ by way of ‘government entitlements’ or by way of individual industry. Left and Right political majorities claim it exists but for different reasons and with different outcomes. Reality decrees otherwise. Several realities bracket our access to opportunity and none of them are equal in any sense of the word. None of us can recall filling out a form before birth checking off boxes determining; who are parents would be, when and where we would be born and raised, the robustness of our DNA or lack of it, the schools we would or would not attend, the ‘diversity’ of our peers, our religious convictions or lack thereof, and the chance events that frame our perceptions of reality, truth, goodness and beauty. If you do recall filling out such a form, t