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War and Peace in 2020

"The Face of War" by Daniel Ursino, acrylic on canvas Are we so recently from our turd fights in the trees that we cannot forsake war for just one year in 2020? This question prompted the four previous posts in this series; 2020 A Year Without War .  These views are my own about this project, and they do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else associated with the global project 2020 A Year Without War . Nevertheless, over 118,000-page reads for all four in the series indicate these views have some traction. Thank you for reading and commenting. The last post on ‘War and Acceptance in 2020’ should have been the most difficult to write as most of us have a problem with enduring the unendurable to the point of accepting the unacceptable. Once it rattled around in my brain for a week, the post wrote itself. So too with this one i.e. War and Peace in 2020. What is clearly seen is clearly expressed. Writing this series has made it abundantly clear how we wil