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Yes.God Exists

The Meddlesome Priest  shared  Associated Student Government of Santa Barbara City College 's  video . 6 hrs  ·  Yes. The Meddlesome Priest successfully defended #1. Belief in the existence of God is both rational and reasonable. #2. God is best understood as ENS QUA ENS (Being as Being), i.e. that Being, the nonexistence of which is impossible, otherwise nothing would exist. Ex nihil, nihil fit (from nothing, nothing comes to exist).  My opponent is longtime colleague and friend in our philosophy department, professor Joseph White, who argued #1 God is a hypothesis that we no longer need becasue such ideas are old. #2. Something does come from nothing.  Here's the link to the entire debate: Mark McIntire v Joe White Debate : DOES GOD EXIST ? What do you think?