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ANTIFA: “This Is War!”

ANTIFA: “This Is Civil War!” “An elderly man was brutally beaten by  ANTIFA t hugs  wielding baseball bats in downtown Portland, Oregon, over the weekend. Another man, a Good Samaritan who came to his defense, was cracked in the skull with a crowbar. Not too far away from that altercation journalist  Andy Ngo  was set upon by another gang of leftist savages. He was punched in the face and pummeled by violent kicks. Others in the crowd sprayed the defenseless journalist with milkshakes laced with quick-drying cement and caustic chemicals.”    Source: Todd Starnes Long before the election of Donald J. Trump many of us have cringed at the irrefutable signs of a violent and bloody cultural civil war now unfolding on the streets of our large metropolitan cities under the political control of Democrat politicians for decades. San Francisco, Oakland, Atlanta, Baltimore, Berkeley, Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Portland have long been controlled by far left, illiberal, elec