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New Vatican Phone Tree Explains Everything

Tried to call my old seminary buddy at the Vatican today. He works there as a Cardinal Prefect at one of the Sacred Congregations. His name is far too prominent to even mention here. Usually, I get through right away. To my dismay, I was greeted by a ‘new phone tree' that might explain to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike what’s really going in at the Vatican these days since the publication of my previous blog; POPE ZIG-ZAG. Here’s a transcription of the ‘new’ selections and options just in case you’re seeking   an annulment to your marriage, or need an exorcist after business hours. After you’re connected to the main number you’re asked to select your language from over 143 possible choices. I chose Russian since I wanted to have my data instantly communicated to Moscow without translation. Here’s the English version for your convenience; “Welcome to the new Vatican City State phone tree. God, bless you. All of our angles are busy at the moment saving other souls