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The Infantilized Generation

in·fan·til·ize Verb: past tense: infantilized; past participle: infantilized 1.    To treat (someone) as a child or in a way that denies their maturity in age or experience: "seeing yourself as a victim infantilizes you" __________________________________________ Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation was replaced by LBJ’s , Welfare Generation that was replaced by today’s Infantilized Generation .  Our tech-savvy, globalized millennial population want to be the Virtuous Generation  enlisted in an international army of 'social justice warriors' fighting evil white male capitalist Christians , but I’m skeptical. The failed liberal internationalism of Jurgen Habermas has finally run out of oppressed minorities to save from systemic oppression.   Yes, they aspire to virtue but are without compass or portfolio. Worse, their parents and teachers keep them infantile with little drive, fewer skills, failed education, compiled loan debt, ‘selfie’ guided, with no rea