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Decline of American Greatness

For the last 72 years I've watched America's greatness decline. Born at the end of World War II, I arrived on the planet at the epoch when America was great. Not just merely great , but the greatest nation on the planet. Without the men and women of America, fascists powers of Germany, Italy and Japan would have subjugated the entire population of the globe. Tom Brokaw's testimonial book, THE GREATEST GENERATION , tells us why that generation witnessed the slow decline of America after WW II;  “A common lament of the World War II generation is the absence today of personal responsibility ”   They married in record numbers and gave birth to another distinctive generation, the Baby Boomers. They stayed true to their values of personal responsibility, duty, honor, and faith.”  "It is a generation that, by and large, made no demands of homage from those who followed and prospered economically, politically, and culturally because of its sacrifices. It is a ge