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Theophobia : psychological fear of   G(g)ods   or   religion inciting irrational revulsion, rage, and even hatred against   them. Theophobes despise religious texts, artifacts, houses of worship. They are intolerant of people who believe in deities their symbols and images. Theophobes fantasize that any deity is an arbitrary, totalitarian, dictator, a menacing bogeyman floating in the sky ready to punish them. People with a long family history of religious faith or indoctrination are more likely to suffer from debilitating, delusional, and neurotic theophobia. As a card-carrying member of the liberal-progressive-Bolshevik-socialist-theophobe-Democrats (LPBSTD), I've decided to overcome my psychological illness known as theophobia. Doing so will preserve my mental health in two divisive debates today; homosexual divorce, and Climate Change. As a bonus, rejecting the popular trend called theophobia will raise my overall consciousness. Here’s how. I’ve always been in