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SJW Firing Squad at Santa Barbara City College

“When does the Left go too far?”   --- Jordan Peterson SJW Firing Squad at SBCC…    Editorials : The progressive decline of SBCC      By Andy Caldwell            June 28, 2018 7:15 AM Santa Barbara City College has three things going for it — namely, location, location, location. Other than that, it has become an official wasteland, an intellectual ghetto devoid of constructive dialogue and meaningful debate. That is, the college has finally rid itself of its one token conservative professor, making the transition to an ideologically uniform-social-justice-warrior boot camp complete. To wit, the college has bid adieu and good riddance to one Professor Mark McIntire. Mr. McIntire initially figured something was amiss when, after having taught at the college for over 20 years, he got a call from the administration. They couldn't find his teaching credential. Of course, they didn't bother to inform him why they were looking for it in the first