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Revolution Trumps Elections

“Alfred North Whitehead, thinking, I believe, of America, gave this warning: "…wait for the back streets. When they move, the intellectuals are swept aside.”--- Eric Sevareid, CBS News Commentator, at Stanford University's 80th, Commencement June 13, 1971. Donald J. Trump will win the Presidency in 2016. Why? When people are pissed, then the 'back streets' move and the intellectuals are swept aside. People are pissed. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump know this. Most American voters know this. Nearly all political party hacks and their intellectual puppeteers know this, but they cower in denial. The intellectuals in and out of politics are bemused and befuddled. Every time they unleash their media running-dogs against them, opinion polls for Sanders and Trump rise perceptively and quite predictably. Why? Throughout history revolutions have always trumped elections. This is especially true when democracy fails as it is now in America. Since it would be obt