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Wages of War: Slavery

Part 2 Wages of War: Slavery Slavery is  the cancer  that has already destroyed America. Slavery, like abortion, poverty and avarice diminishes human dignity so fundamentally as to kill it just as any incurable cancer kills a healthy body. In psychological ways, slavery is worse than abortion. At least the unborn are never aware they were murdered to satisfy the whim of their mother, the result of a rape, or an act of incest. A slave, on the other hand, is mentally murdered every moment of every day in bondage. Slavery is one of the wages of war. And even if the slave is liberated from chains physically, the mental chains remain till death. This legacy of resentment, bitterness and hate for their masters is the legacy of the slave class. It can never be erased or forgotten. Asking the freed slave to show mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation and acceptance to the slave-holder approaches the limits of human virtue. Yet many former slaves have done just that. Many more never ca