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Allegory of the Mirror, the Mask, and the Mob

“Wise one, what is the true nature of politicians and the masses?” Sure. Thanks for asking. Imagine if you will a remote planet in a distant galaxy that went extinct long ago. Marginally intelligent beings once lived there for many millennia.  Their many accomplishments were impressive even by our standards. So were their defects. They went extinct long before their planet fell into its life-giving star. Compared to us these beings had crude even barbaric ways. They had ways of killing each other frequently. Some of these ways were called, ''accidents'. Some were called 'murder'. Some were called 'war'. None of these ways were thought to be very healthy, but they did them anyway being a covetous breed. They even had something called ‘execution’ where whole groups decided to kill a single individual being for a wide variety of reasons thought to be healthy for the whole group. They called themselves 'humans'. “It seems these beings were