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Liturgy of Losers and Assassins

Losers are dangerous. Just ask JFK. Was Lee Harvey Oswald a flightless bird, feral cat, or just a sad Marxist clown?  Losers know things you don’t. How does one of them justify spraying a baseball field with bullets intent on killing Republicans elected to Congress? Oh! He had a hit list in the pocket of his union-made jacket, sorry. Do tiny worms in the brain require assassinating members of Congress or even a President duly elected?  Do useless marches, and candle light vigils drive union members mad enough  to destroy the Union? When does politics crumble into shooting uncivil-culture-war? When does resisting rage turn to assassination? When is murder a debating style?  How many elections must be lost before losers start shooting their winning opponents?  We're now finding out. We are witnessing the 'liturgy of losers and assassins' incited by media high-priests, anointed by political popes, and executed by indoctrinated, the mentally ill choir of the faithful.