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A Brief History of Everything

A Brief History of Everything Everything has already happened. The past, the present and the future happen in the ‘now’   --- The Meddlesome Priest It makes perfect sense when you think about it. Start with the question , “Did everything that ever happened happen just as it happened and in exactly no other way than it did happen?” Well, the answer to that is and obvious ‘yes’ . Everything that ever happened, no matter what or when that was, happened in an exact way, and in no other way than it did happen. Deductively we know this is true whether or not we know that ‘exact way’ it precisely happened.  This is rationally irrefutably because it’s a tautology . How so?  The only clear, precise, and absolute meaning of ‘anything that ever did happen’ in the ‘past’ entails the very notion that whatever happened did so in a unique and exact way and in no other way otherwise something else would have happened it its own exact way. Time is not something you ‘find’.