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The Last Pope Is The Next Pope

What's next after the massive systemic cover-up of clerical pedophilia by the Catholic hierarchy? The next Geo-political earthquake is the unavoidable abolition of the Papacy itself. The Roman Catholic Church created the Papacy, and the Roman Catholic Church can abolish it. And, it will. Soon. The next Pope after octogenarian Francis I will be the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Moreover, the word ‘Roman’ will be dropped from the brand name. Clerical offices of Cardinal, Archbishop and Bishop will also be extinguished. Local parish laity will choose their clerics who will be immediately accountable to them. Clerical pedophilia will soon have no place to hide. That last Pope will be from Africa. His name is Robert Cardinal Sarah of Guinea. Once elected, Cardinal Sarah will take the name ‘Pope Linus II’ after Pope Linus I the very first Pope if you exclude Saint Peter from the calculus of Popes.  There are several sound reasons why this will happen.You may recall my b