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Absolute Beauty Exists

    Google 'ideas of absolute beauty' and the most depressing array of images pop up. Most of them are images of scantily clad women. Going much deeper into the search produces images of naked men starting with  Michelangelo's  David. The modern world or at least the modern digital world seems incapable of imagining ideas of absolute beauty. It's depressing because whole generations that derive their 'knowledge' solely from the internet are ignorant of the very idea that connects Reality, Truth, and Goodness.  It's called Absolute Beauty. Here's how.    For the past 48 years, term after term, I've been the lucky recipient of student papers on the subject of human abortion. Comparing the popular perception of human abortion at the beginning of my academic career with what it is today can be traced through those student term papers over the years. In 1966, when I began to teach philosophy at Westfield State College (now a University), the beauty of