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Learning How To Learn

Reaction to the previous post, Plague of Dunces was overwhelming with 12,456 reads to date.  Vivian Sherwood, a dear friend, and Mke Griffin, a former student, suggested publish a post explaining ‘learning how to learn’ and how it actually works in people’s everyday life, how it makes them free. They also suggested I incorporate testimonies from former students who learned how to learn. Ok, Vivian, and Max ! You got it. We start with a definition.       Definition: Learning-how-to-learn is the art of acquiring the skills of logic and using the best available evidence to seek reality, truth, goodness and beauty for the rest of your life. No teachers. No professors. Just You. Then, we add three simple axioms:                              #1.       We need to know the things we don’t know. #2.      We need the skills to know what we don’t know. #3.      We need to apply those skills to every assumption about what we think we know. Testimony from Mike Gri