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Eastwood's 'SNIPER' Enthymeme

Mark McIntire Film Review Enthymeme: noun,  Logic. an argument in which a premise or the conclusion is not stated. Example: "Want him to be more of a man? Try being more of a woman!"  (advertising slogan for Coty perfume) . Like some collective Narcissus Hollywood shamelessly adores its own reflection each year handing out gold statuettes to millionaires who gush about helping ‘the little people’ through their films.  And by little people they don’t mean real people. They mean the ‘minorities-du jour’ so anointed by the popular press at the instigation of politicians indoctrinated by social scientists and other cultural witch doctors. Weird! Little green visitors from Mars would no doubt find the annual Oscars a sickening display of self-contradiction prompted by inexorable guilt. The only factual line uttered all night is, “Oh gosh…I really don’t deserve this…”  One too many wrinkles, a misplaced bit of flesh, a nose slightly defying Pythagoras, a dress