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Revenge of the Buddhist Eskimos in Iron Lungs

Millionaire brats giving each other little gold plated statuettes of a bald guy so they can: 1. Deliver childish Anti-American political hate speech  2. Insult their ticket-buying audience 3. Use the little statuette to get more overpaid jobs preaching a Harvey  Weinstein,  hypocritical, PC excuse for a morality Using blatant bigotry to fight systemic corruption and prejudice, the Motion Picture Academy should award 'best picture'  to an update of the classic Marxist film, BUDDHIST ESKIMOS IN IRON LUNGS (released as 'REDS' a 1981 film co-written, produced and directed by   Warren Beatty ) .   Such a movie would have to deify homosexual African-Americans as the new oppressed proletariat class moonlighting in La La Land. Done! Imagine, if you will, living in a fantasy world where very famous and wealthy people held a public ceremony every year in a great palace where they gave golden statues to each other so that they could make more money and gain gre