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The Hair versus The Bear

15 Reasons I’ll be Your President By Donald Trump      (…as told to The Meddlesome Priest who self-identified as 'The Donald' and wrote this in a dream) 1.                I’m not a politician. I don’t think, speak or act like one, and that’s the real reason you’ll vote for me. You’re sick of those fools from both parties. So am I. You have been forgotten by them for a long time. When I'm President you will be forgotten no more. Your country will belong to you again not to the Washington politicians. 2.              I’m rich and successful. You want to be rich and successful. I build and I create. You want to build and create.  I’ve created thousands of jobs in my huge real estate empire and I will create more jobs and more economic security for you as president. Bernie and Hillary have never created any jobs or economic opportunities…except for themselves and their flunkies. That’s another reason you’ll vote for me as presiden