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Hey Professor! What do you profess?

Communications Professor Mellisa Click University of Missouri No one pops out of a womb acting like a brat. It's a long, slow nurturing process by parents, teachers and  administrators  who are  themselves  brats.  When ├╝ber liberal Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz starts eating his liberal children, then you know there is a problem in later day liberalism. As he recently told Business Insider magazine;  "The last thing these students want is diversity.  They may want superficial diversity, because for them diversity is a code word for 'more of us.' They don't want more conservatives, they don't want more white students, they don't want more heterosexuals."   (source: ) Queer, is it not? Our current malaise about student protests suppressing free speech on, of all places, college campuses, needs explanato