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University of Waterboarding

The shooting culture war is just about to be begin by the Left   “Moral narcissism pervades our educational system. Instead of cultivating rigorous reasoning, inquiring minds, and appreciation of the diversity of views about freedom and equality that constitutes the American political tradition, many of our schools—from kindergarten through college—proselytize on behalf of progressive political aims.” --- Roger L. Simon, in “ I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Undermining Our Republic What have fools learned at the University of Waterboarding? Why, moral narcissism of course.  It's now OK to destroy your enemies if they are not cultural-Marxist-Gaystapo-Femmafia soldiers.  Nesting birds, whores, and well fed dogs always return to the halls of their masters for a treat. Last century's philosophy is this century's mythology. In death we are all the same. But some are more the same than others. Haven’t you noticed? No one in prison is guilty. Every phony PhD g