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Pubic Hair, Pillows, and the Prospect of Tyranny

Ah…! Who can forget the good old days of a " high-tech lynching for uppity conservative blacks" by white, liberal Senators Joe Biden and Teddy Kennedy puppeteers for Commie Anita Hill? Their mission? Block a black, scholarly, conservative Judge from taking a seat on the Supreme Court.  Their weapon of choice? Pubic hair...or a least the mere accusation of pubic hair... on a Coke can no less. Ah, yes we remember it well. The time was 1991. The ‘uppity black’ was Judge Clarence Thomas. The scene was the Senate Judiciary committee confirmation hearings for the SCOTUS nominee. The Chairman of the committee was Senator Joe Biden. Teddy Kennedy rode shotgun.  The rope for the high-tech lynching was woven by Anita Hill. Oh yes, with Justice Scalia’s body still being laid to rest, we re-wind the tape of history exposing white liberals plot  to protect the Supreme Court from a black, conservative appointee with pubic hair on his Coke can. Lewis Carroll “Curiouser and cu