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Broken Mirrors of Our Souls

Celebrities are the broken mirrors of our own flawed souls. Robert De Niro  and Colin Kaepernick are just the latest examples. This is made clear when they presume to instruct their 'fans' on how to think politically. They’re our broken dreams that bleed, overdose, marry five times, abuse their kids, murder, rape, lie, cheat, and steal… all with celebrity immunity and impunity.  No matter how bad their behavior, they get the best tables at clubs, the inside deals denied to others, the glowing press for their most trivial efforts, and the shortest sentences or no sentence at all for their crimes. Peasants drool on the ooze from their every orifice. Then, they die, immediately elevated to immortality’s pantheon.  So, why do we enlarge them in death beyond what they were in life? Some say they were superior beings unlike the rest of us. Some say we do it out of jealousy. We see them as superlatively glamourous, rich, sexy, popular, thin, demi-gods. “Oh, if only that w