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Sheep Vote for Wolves

“A nation of sheep will soon beget a government of wolves.”           --- Edward R. Murrow, 1962 Wolves lose no sleep over the opinions of sheep. The lot of sheep is boredom. The lot of the wolf is loneliness. The former must vote for the later out of necessity. If guilt is the interest paid on a debt you never owed, then a lot of 2016 voters should find a better loan shark. Whatever their party, ideology or psychosis, the woods are full of lonely wolves ready to devour just for the sake of devouring. Wolves are known to do that you know. They seem to be the only other mammal that kills for sport. Even lions need a motive. Wolves and humans need none at all. Where does this come from? At the deepest level it arises out of disgust, revulsion, fear of being lost, trembling in loneliness, and sickness unto death. By comparison,  Søren  Kierkegaard would be a gay blade in a San Francisco bath house. These wolf packs go by strange names having little to do with their mot