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Politics of Glamour

With over 11,000 page reads per week, many have asked where my blog name came from.  So, here’s how I got ordained THE MEDDLESOME PRIEST by Charlton Heston during the political SCREEN ACTORS GUILD STAR-WARS of the early 1980’s. Rollicking good fun! This is part of the ‘back story’ to the published version in Dr. David F. Prindle’s book: The Politics of Glamour , (   University of Wisconsin Press; 1 edition (October 15, 1988) Canadian geese were landing in Charlton Heston's pool. Through the dining room patio glass doors, I could see them, flapping and squawking as they splashed down. Some of their ungraceful landings were comical considering they did this for a living. Everyone else in the room seemed oblivious. Must be a daily   occurrence up there on the top of Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills I thought. Chattering among themselves, Jimmy Stewart finally broke the hub-bub and asked me, in his best   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington   wobble, "Well eh, Mr.