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Pope Zig-Zag

“A Christian who does not take the dimension of martyrdom seriously in life does not understand the road that Jesus has indicated,” the Pope said May 11, according to Vatican Radio's translation. ---Catholic News Agency, May 11, 2015 A friend and colleague, Matthew Bixby ( blogging @ ) sent me an article posing the question: Can the Vatican evolve before it dissolves?  As promised on The Meddlesome Priest Face Book page, here’s my answer. Like some jolly Liberty ship captain in the mid-Atlantic of 1942 trying to avoid U-Boat torpedoes, Pope Francis careens left then right at the first sign of a theological periscope. For nearly two thousand years, the Vatican was a ship on a straight course. The Pope was its unquestioned helmsman and the College of Cardinals provided resolute navigation. This was made possible because there existed an indubitable synergy between Aristotelian philosophy and Catholic theology. Scratch any theology and you'll find a