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“Father, don’t touch the boys.”

THE PROBLEM: Catholic clerical pedophilia and its systemic cover-up are caused by repressed clerical homosexuality, not by the clerical vow of chastity itself. Repressed homosexual pedophilia is not properly identified in seminaries of clerical formation. The vow of chastity merely compounds homosexual pedophilia and its cover-up. The award winning 2016 expose film Spotlight got essential things wrong. Hollywood went to great pains to vaccinate homosexual young-boy-preference from any correlation to clerical pedophilia. The root of the Catholic clergy pedophilia mafia is a fetish culture among priests for young boys. It's not the vow of  priestly celibacy, and it's not the Catholic faith itself. The problem is the large number of homosexuals in the Catholic clergy at all levels. Until recent revelations about Bishops and Cardinals, only priests and deacons were 'spotlighted'.  According to the John Jay report of 2004 and referenced below a staggering 81% of the